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Reference Links

  • Internet Public Library : The Internet Public Library’s mission is to provide library services to Internet users. Activities include: finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating information resources; and direct assistance to individuals.
  • Library Spot: a wealth of information. Look up quotes, double-check grammar and usage, or find calculators.

    Sites Everyone Asks About

    • Switchboard : Yes – the white pages are on the World Wide Web! If a phone number is published in the white pages, it can be found in Switchboard. Business can also be found. One caveat – listings appear exactly as they do in the phone book; Barbara Smith may be listed as “B Smith”, and cannot be found under “Barbara”.
    • Mapquest: This site shows routes, distances, locations of addresses, attractions, airports, restaurants – almost everything you need to know about any city, region, state, or address. Play with it a bit to master the techniques. They have been improving this site continually, so don’t be surprised if it looks a little different from time to time.


  • Reference Help – Libraries, research tools, and more

    • Research It:  From atlases to zip codes, this research tool has it all!
    • Study Guide Zone: a series of free study guides on a variety of standardized tests commonly utilized for admissions, licensing, and educational assessment. In many cases, disadvantaged students do not have the resources to prepare for these tests
  • Good Reading

    • Access Atlanta : A fun site from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that has links to both serious and not-so-serious sites. Tune in here to find the speed traps in Georgia (if you haven’t found them already 🙂 ) as well to see listings on the Botanical Gardens and State Parks.

    • Georgia State Web Site: Information about Georgia’s government, online services, education, tourism, employment, business services, health & human resources, and legal & law enforcement.

    • GeorgiaInfo: The Carl Vinson Institute of Government is pleased to offer GeorgiaInfo, an extensive Web online resource about Georgia.  Its development was motivated by the conviction that such information, which can now be readily accessed by Georgians in every county, could help citizens and public officials of the state become better informed in order to identify new resources and make decisions to improve the quality of life in their communities.

    • Georgia On My Mind: Another Georgia On My Mind website! This one offers links to pages with all sorts of Georgia information, the state bird, song, biographies, climate, current events, Department of Motor Vehicles, flag, flowers, cities, motto, museums, and more.

    • Georgia Vital Records: This page contains information about where to obtain copies of Georgia vital records, such as birth & death certificates, marriage licenses & divorce decrees.

    • Electronic Reference Sources

      • Galileo Index of Journals: Many of the journals indexed and abstracted are also available in full-text at this University System of Georgia site. Only available for library in-house use.

      • LYRASIS: The Southeastern Library Network.

      • Academic Info: Educational Resources & Subject Guides since 1998

      The most frequently asked question we have heard regarding the Internet is “What is the right way?” or “Which is the right search engine?”. Truth be told, there is no “right” way or “right” search engine. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

      The one rule to adhere to is never use just one way!!! Do not assume that just because you cannot find something in Yahoo that it doesn’t exist on the Internet. Use other people’s links! Lots of times someone else has the information you seek, but the search engines don’t. Try the obscure. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find!