Outreach Services

Outreach Services delivers library services and resources to persons outside the library with emphasis on those who are un-served or undeserved due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers.
Outreach Services fulfills this purpose through homebound deliveries, nursing home/institutional visits, off-site programming, and other services. Services include, but are not limited to, those listed below:


  1. Daycare/Early Learning Facilities: Stops meant to provide library services and experiences to the very young.
  2. Facilities/Housing for the Aged and/or Disabled: Those who may be unable to visit the library due to physical/mental disability. Stops include adult care facilities and senior housing.
  3. Educational Facilities: Stops meant to provide supplemental library services to schools with limited media centers or collections.
  4. Outlying Communities/Surrounding Towns: Service to communities at the far reaches of the library’s service area.
  5. Nursing Home/Institutional Service: Service consists of deposit collections of materials selected and delivered by Outreach Services staff on a bi-weekly basis and programs once each month.